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pescado precocinado par-fried seafood
pescado precocinado par-fried seafood
pescado precocinado par-fried seafood
pescado precocinado par-fried seafood
mixes de pescado seafood mixes
mixes de pescado seafood mixes

We are

Experts in refrigeration and manufacturing services aimed at storing, processing and marketing frozen products.


Our products.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of frozen and refrigerated products, with the aim of offering the best quality / service / price ratio to our customers.


Innovation and continuous improvement

Market oriented
Constantly researching market needs and trends.

Personalised service
Personalised serviced in accordance with the specific needs of each client.

Quality throughout the entire process
Certified quality systems ISO 9001 and IFS at every process stage.

Our R+D department is constantly reviewing and improving our products and processes in order to adopt them to our clients´ needs.

Continuous improvement
We permanently try to reduce our costs with the purpose to offer to our clients a high quality product with the best price possible.

cocinando cabomar
cabomar stand

Work with us

Cabomar has a great team of dynamic people with initiative and willingness to work. They are the engine that manages the company in an innovative and creative way. Competent professionals with different skills, personalities and training, also reflecting the diversity of our clients.

contacto cabomar


Puerto de Marín s/n 36900
Marín – Pontevedra, Spain.
Tel. +34 986 839 584.
Fax +34 986 838 113
Mail. cabomar@cabomar.com