The way we work and create customised products for each customer has set us apart since 2006.

Customer first

Every upgrade and innovation we implement is crafted to deliver top-tier quality experiences as part of our constant quest for optimal efficiency and refinement across all our processes throughout every stage of development.



Our customers deserve answers that are tailor-made for their business, which is why our team specialises in making each product a customised one. Leveraging our expertise in raw materials and market dynamics, we add value by customising products to each channel and customer.

Operational efficiency

Nothing’s worth more than doing things right. But we don’t just go where the current takes us: we continuously striving for improvement in everything we do, striving to be more efficient so that we can go further together with each customer.


Because our customers’ success is our success.



We stand by our commitment to every customer: to provide them with the highest quality, how they need it, when they need it. This dedicated is underscored by our quality controls and product tasting, conducted both in-house and with independent institutes. By overseeing these processes firsthand, we can ensure that each product meets our defined specifications.

Relationships built on trust

Driven by our unconventional attitude, with a team that focuses on constant improvement and a strong partnership with our suppliers to achieve the highest standard of quality and service.



Our multidisciplinary team is equipped to tackle any challenge. We work with experts in squid processing and fish filleting, with a team skilled in turning our product into a customised one.
We also prioritise maintaining strong relationships with each of our suppliers. This collaboration is central to delivering the best quality and the best of ourselves. And we do it all by first listening to each and every customer.